Developing Innovative Technologies and Design Methods for Energy and Water Systems

The Water and Energy Research Laboratory (WERL) at the University of Toronto focuses on improving water and energy solutions for the developing and developed world. The work in the research group ranges from analyzing, modelling, designing, and prototyping new water and energy system concepts to developing generalized computer-based tools that can guide the design of energy and water systems. WERL is based in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and is directed by Prof. Amy M. Bilton.


Research Projects

Development of Smart and Sustainable Aeration Technology
During the past several decades, overfishing has made wild capture fisheries unsustainable. As an alternative, aquaculture has grown rapidly with
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Passive Irrigation Controller
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations calculates that agricultural irrigation consumes 70 percent of our global fresh water
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Design and Optimization of Pico-scale Hydro Turbines
This project has been outsourced to WERL by a Toronto-based company that is currently developing innovative pico-scale hydro turbine systems, used
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Oil Sands Tailing Water Treatment System
Dissolute and emulsified (PM 10) organic compounds are one of the hazardous contaminations and represent a significant removal challenge in
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Solar Aeration System for Aquaculture
Aquaculture is a major food source in many low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Improving water quality for aquaculture can increase
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Photovoltaic Reverse Osmosis Systems
For many remote off-grid communities, the lack of access to reliable electricity and clean water is a challenge for their
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